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Staying healthy


For quite some time now, the scientific world has been mesmerized by the curative and preventative powers of turmeric. The fascination with turmeric is perhaps best explained by the thousands of studies that have been carried out on this subject. The credit for the astounding powers of turmeric is given to one of its compounds – curcumin. Many of the feared diseases and conditions can be treated or controlled using curcumin. Below, we list some of them. There are many reasons that people develop heart disease and one of these is the early onset of excessive blood sugar (pre-diabetes). In addition, people with pre-diabetes could be suffering from oxidative stress which is known to damage blood arteries. When arteries are damaged cholesterol builds up in the damaged areas and this eventually leads to the development of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Studies have established that curcumin reduces oxidative stress and successfully prevents the development of high cholesterol. The use of a curcumin supplement has been proved to play a great role in the control and even treatment of certain types of cancer. Where a cancerous tumor has already developed, using curcumin stops its spread and even succeeds in killing cancerous cells. Researchers also believe that use of curcumin could actually help inhibit the development of certain cancers.

Our bodies need antioxidants to protect us from free radicals. There are many products touted to have the potential to fight free radicals but curcumin stands head and shoulders above all of them. It not only helps to neutralize them but also helps the body to develop its own antioxidant capabilities. Oxidative damage is believed to be the cause of aging as well as a host of other age-related diseases.  Alzheimer’s disease is incurable but use of turmeric could actually play a role in helping inhibit its development in the first place. Of the many reasons given for the development of the disease is oxidative damage and curcumin’s ability to fight this means that it could be beneficial in helping to control it. Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities, curcumin is found very useful in the management of diabetes. Curcumin has been proved to help reverse many of the complications associated with diabetes.Perhaps what is most astounding about curcumin is the fact that i

4th of July


Happy 4th of July everyone.   Be careful out there and enjoy time with your families.


As a pet owner, can you say with enough confidence that you have taken measures to ensure that your pet is safe? Although our homes are supposed to be havens of peace for all occupants, it is sad to observe that most pet injuries occur at home. How then can you ensure that your cat or dog doesn’t get injured at home? Pets run great risks of getting burn injuries at home. A pet that strays into the kitchen might end up falling into some boiling liquid. The flames from a kitchen fire could also injure your pet. Consider too the many electrical appliances in use (such as hair dryers and heating pads) and how accidentally stepping onto one could cause traumatizing injuries to your pet. Without proper training and ceaseless surveillance, pets could suffer serious injuries and even death from burns. Pets also tend to be quite territorial and when you have several pets, they could end up injuring one another. Should you own both cats and dogs, it might prove impossible to keep them from attacking one another unless all the animals are properly socialized. Even pets of the same species could get involved in a bloodbath over territory. Injuries inflicted on one pet by another are sometimes so severe that they could traumatize the victim in addition to requiring the attention of a vet.  If you own a playful puppy that likes to run around the lawns, you must ensure that the grounds are free of broken glass, nails and other sharp objects that could injure your pet. Injuries inflicted by such objects are especially harmful because unless you are very observant it might take too long for you to discover that your pet is injured. While you can try to guard against such by regularly feeling your pet’s foot, you need to ensure that your compound is thoroughly cleaned all the time and that it is free of debris.  Still on the compound, your pet could also get injured by bites from spiders or stings from bees. Bee attacks are especially common and while there is not much you can do to help your pet from bees that attack while transiting from one place to another, you can at least try to make sure that there are no bees in the trees in your compound. The effects of a bee attack are easily evident in the form of swellings but spider bites might be harder to detect. It therefore helps to regularly feel the skin of your pet for any signs of swelling or dead skin and consulting your vet when you suspect something might be wrong.

Looking to the Future


What You Do Online Could Influence Your Employability In The Future
We live in such a highly digitized world that there is so much information we can access today with very little effort. The Big Data phenomenon has permeated every sphere of the modern society including the recruitment of employees. This has both positive and negative outcomes but for a person who is keen to move up professionally, it would be wise to exercise a considerable degree of care about how you are perceived online.

The internet has become the primary source of info for many people who make decisions based on the info they gather online. When it comes to employee recruitment, regardless of the medium a prospective employer uses to advertise career openings, before people start sending applications they will normally visit the advertiser’s website to gather as much info as they can about their prospective employer. Apart from company websites like http://www.dependablecarpetcare.com, or https://quickbooks.intuit.com/var/homepage social media is full of all manner of info about many companies and prospective employees will seek to find out how the advertiser is viewed in the eyes of the public. Depending on the info gathered, it is easy to make a decision on whether the advertiser is an institution worth working for.

On the opposite side, the spying game is carried on by prospective employers. While job ads will ask for a resume, it is an open secret that what constitutes a resume today is more than the piece of paper that prospective employers relied on in the past. Regardless of what the resume that you forward says, the advertiser will naturally get to the internet and gather as much info about you as possible. Needless to say, the evidence gathered online might make more sense and appear more reliable than what a job candidate says in his or her resume. Rather than use a face-to-face interview to screen prospective employees, companies now have ready screening tools. A candidate’s profile on social media could provide all the info that a prospective employer needs. Moreover, this is info that the job advertiser can access absolutely freely.

Just as companies work hard to build their brands online, individuals should do the same. If you are a person who hopes to continue working, it is important to take care of your personal brand. The company you keep and the posts you send on social media speak volumes about you and could just be the reason that will determine whether a future employer hires you or not.

Advantages of Hiring Through Recruitment and Placement Agency


job-placement-agencyEvery company or business requires one factor to be a successful business or company and that factor is the employees. If the employees in a company are good, talented, and hardworking, then the company will automatically grow, but if those employees are lazy and with average talent, then such company may suffer negative impacts in the long run. Therefore, finding the perfect employee is the main task of the human resource department of every company. This is a very important and time-consuming task performed by the human resource department of any company. However, sometimes this job is outsourced to an agency which specializes in recruitment and placement of people.

A recruitment and placement agency is such agency which does the job of finding the perfect candidate for the vacancy in your company or business.So all the necessary procedure is performed by such agency before they refer a candidate for your perusal. It means that all the time-consuming jobs like verifying the authenticity of all the claims and documents of the candidates, matching the candidates with the concerned job profile and referring a candidate which meets all the criteria for the post in any business or company, are done by such recruitment agency.

How such agencies work?

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Generally, the job seeking candidates post their resumes at such recruitment agencies. Such agencies are outsourced by one or more companies to refer candidates to them. So these agencies match the candidates with the job profiles in such companies.After checking and verifying all the information, the candidates are interviewed at such agencies. If those interviews are satisfactory, then only the candidate is referred to the client company for an actual job interview. From this level, the candidate’s future is in the hands of the client company.

Advantages of hiring an employee with the help of placement agency

Business and companies prefer hiring through such placement agencies because these agencies are expert in this field and therefore they provide better candidates than the independent candidates which are interviewed by the company’s human resource department. There are many more advantages of hiring an employee through such agencies, they are as follows.

  • The main advantage of using placement agencies to refer candidates is that they save a lot of time for the jobs4company because they perform all the time-consuming tasks and refer a candidate who is potentially perfect for the vacancy.
  • Generally, such agencies have access to the best talent in a required field and this is very beneficial for a business or a company.
  • Such agencies are well versed in the area of available talent in the market and they will help you in choosing the best for your company.
  • The network of such agencies is very strong and therefore they can have information about the candidates who may not have applied anywhere but are perfect for the vacancy in your company.
  • As such agencies have a reputation to maintain, they follow the procedures very strictly and diligently. It means that the candidates referred by such agencies will be perfect for you and you won’thave a chance to complain.